Cleaning up after the bears

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Equipped to repair bear damage — and clean the contamination

Black bears can run, swim and climb. They have large claws for tearing and digging. And while they’re beautiful animals, they’re also frighteningly powerful: A black bear can easily tear open a locked car trunk. One blow from a front paw is enough to kill an adult deer.

In the wild, these traits help bears survive. In your home, however, they’re a serious problem. One hungry bear can cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage. (And California has an estimated population of 16,000 to 24,000 black bears.)

If a bear enters your property, it can cause substantial damage. Doors, walls, furniture and appliances are no match. Beyond the property destruction, bears can pose a biohazard. They can contaminate a home with feces, blood or saliva. At Tahoe Mold and Water, we’re equipped to repair the broken walls, floors and ceilings — plus we have the specialized materials, equipment and knowledge needed to clean and sanitize property that sustained biological damage.

We say let the bears run, swim and climb. Just not in your house.

“Bear-proof” your home

Fortunately, black bears are shy and tend to stay away from people. But they can smell food up to three miles away. In Yosemite and Sequoia, bears break into parked cars every night. The California Department of Fish & Game offers these tips to help keep bears away from your home (PDF).